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Titans Training Camp Battles: Ryan Mouton

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How many times have we used the argument that Ryan Mouton cannot be a good corner because he was out there on that dreaded day in October 2009 when the Patriots put up 59 on the Titans? I know I have used it more than once, but the thing that we tend to forget is there were two rookie corners out there that day. Who was the other one? Jason McCourty.

So it is unfair for us to use that as the reason Mouton cannot be good because McCourty has developed into a very, very good corner- maybe even one of the better corners in the entire NFL. Mouton was bad that day, but so was McCourty. Players can get better with experience.

Now I am not suggesting that Mouton is going to be as good as McCourty, but he could be a very good option for that 3rd or 4th corner. There is no doubt he has the physical ability to do it. Now we just have to see if he can bounce back fully from the Achilles injury that kept him on IR last season.