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Saturday Night Open Thread

I really feel like that guy has the right idea.

The NFL Network is carrying two games live tonight. The first one is the Giants vs. the Jets. The second one is the Cowboys vs. the Chargers. I have very little interest in either one of those games, but the Titans do play the Jets and Chargers this year. The first quarter of each game might be pretty interesting.

Don't forget that the NFL Network is replaying the Titans game against the Buccaneers at 9 central tomorrow morning. You can catch the game there if you missed it the first time. To keep your sanity, you might want to DVR it and fast forward through the plays where Jake Locker throws the ball. That performance was just an aberration- watching it will do you know good. (Quick question: should I post an open thread for the replay?)

That is all I have for tonight. Take this thread where you will and have a great night.