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Titans vs. Buccaneers: Three Things to Watch on Defense Recap

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Yesterday I also gave you three things to watch on defense. The recap of this one, which is after the jump, will be a little more pleasant.

1. The defensive ends- There was one third down play on the Buccaneers opening drive where Josh Freeman had all day and found Vincent Jackson open for a first down. That was the only play of the night where the ends were not applying pressure. I thought Derrick Morgan had a particularly good night. He had a sack and multiple hurries.

2. Third cornerback battle- I didn't really notice Tommie Campbell one way or another in this game. That is usually not a bad thing. Chris Hawkins, who is battling Ryan Mouton for the fourth spot, had a nice pick on a ball that Akeem Ayers tipped.

3. Robert Johnson- Johnson got the start because Jordan Babineaux was held out with a minor shoulder injury. He whiffed on an attempt to tackle Doug Martin, who reminded me of Warrick Dunn last night, but held up pretty well overall. RoJo isn't going to win the starting job, but he can at least hold up in spot duty.