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Titans vs. Buccaneers: Three Things to Watch on Offense Recap

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Yesterday morning I wrote about three things to watch on offense from last night's game between the Titans and Buccaneers. There was some good and some bad. Click through the jump for the recap.

1. Jake Locker- Covered that one pretty extensively here. The biggest thing now is how he comes back from that start. He blew his opportunity to establish himself as the starter without any questions. Now it back to the battle that he still has a chance to win.

2. Chris Johnson- Just like I wasn't ready to declare him done after one performance, I am not ready to declare him back after one performance, but he looked really good last night. CJ took what was there and showed the ability to make people miss with that burst in space. It was very encouraging.

3. Darius Reynaud vs. Jamie Harper vs. Quinn Johnson vs. Collin Mooney- Reynaud is making it very hard on this coaching staff. He showed that big play ability again last night with a 39 yard run and a punt return that he almost took to the house. Harper also looked a little bit better last night running the football. Only two of those guys listed above are going to make the roster. At this point I am hoping they two are Reynaud and Harper.