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Titans Win Over The Buccaneers, But Did They Really?

Run tell dat!
Run tell dat!
  • Jake Locker had a crap game. I could couch that comment by pointing out the bad drops and shaky protection early on, but I'm not here to put lipstick on pigs. This was the first sustained action Locker has gotten where he really struggled with accuracy, reads and decision making. However, one clunker does not a QB make. Hass looked awful last week, and didn't exactly light the field on fire in the couple of series he got tonight. Locker didn't help his case to start on opening weekend one bit, but he I don't think he shut the door on himself either. Hell, it's not like he threw his pads into the stands, even if he did have a VY-like stat line. My guess is their offensive plan got thrown off by the fact that...
  • CJ2K IS (hopefully) BACK! For the first time in two years CJ ran with confidence, decisiveness and flair. The Bucs are an awful run defense, but that doesn't affect the fact that even CJ's jump cuts were fast and effective. He never once stopped both feet, and pushed hard to fall forward if nothing was there. That was great to see, and if he can keep it up we may forget that Kenny Britt is an idiot.
  • I can't get to the jump without commenting on the defensive line. This was the best any Titans defensive line has looked since 2008, bar none. Morgan, Casey, Wimbley and crew got pressure from every spot without the benefit of blitzes. I was shocked near halftime to realize I've now watched five straight quarters of this defense and never once complained about the D-line not getting pressure. Rocker and Gray deserve a bonus for that alone.
  • Darius Reynaud. CJ might not beat Bolt in a race, but Johnson/Renaud might give Bolt/Blake a scare on in a relay.
  • In case you missed my tweet after his 3rd down drop, but MCM can now officially confirm that Jared Cook is still Jared Cook.
  • Finally, I can't end this thing without pointing out the fact that Rusty Smith, after perhaps the worst first NFL start I can possibly imagine, is a good QB. This preseason he's been throwing the ball regularly with zip, spin, heat, accuracy, with laser guidance on a rope. Sure, he's facing scrubs, but he's being blocked for by scrubs and throwing pinpoint bombs to scrubs with ghastly green neck tattoos. I'm not saying he's going to be a top consistent 15 NFL starter, but he's at least going to get a good shot one day (somewhere else). I've been very impressed by Rusty. He's always had the right attitude in the locker room and film room, but now you're seeing it on the field.
  • Everything I just wrote reminds me how heartbreaking it is that Mike Heimerdinger isn't going to be here to see his last pupil blossom. I've made more cracks than almost anyone about Rusty, but I'm a publicly coming out as a fan of that redheaded giraffe tonight.
  • Sorry if that bummed you out
  • LWSS!