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Robert Johnson Getting First Team Reps for the Titans

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Robert Johnson has spent much of his first two years in the league either on the practice squad or inactive on game days. It seems like that might be changing this year. He has been getting more and more work with the first team, and he played well in the preseason opener. There is very little chance that he is going to beat Jordan Babineaux out for the starting spot, but for the first time since he has been here, it looks like they see him as more than just a number on the roster.

It would be really nice if he would step up and show them that he can play because outside of defensive end, safety is the thinnest spot on this roster. The Titans need someone that they can count on if Babineaux or Michael Griffin go down to injury. Aaron Francisco is a nice player, but he is not a guy that you want out there on an every down basis.

Jerry Gray has said that he loves RoJo's ability to play center field, and unlike some coaches that have been here in the past, Gray is all about fitting his scheme to what guys do best. Look at what Mike Munchak said about Johnson after practice according to John Glennon:

"It’s more to see what roles (Johnson) could possibly play in different packages or different match-ups, especially in the secondary when you play teams that spread it, and you want match-ups and you want to play different guys certain games."

Danomite pegged Johnson as his player to watch in the second preseason game. He had the Midas touch with Darius Reynaud.