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Fantasy Football: Where Are You Drafting Jared Cook?

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I watched all of those other fools draft tight ends while I waited round after round to get the steal of the draft, Jared Cook. I was all in. He was going to be the steal of my draft.

Unfortunately for me, by the time he actually did something to be worthy of a starting spot on a fantasy football roster he was sitting on the waiver wire. I had taken all of the 2.8 point weeks that I could handle.

This year expectations are high for Cook once again, but I have tempered them a little bit. He is going to put up some good numbers in some games, but there are also going to be games where he is invisible. It has been like that with him for too long now to believe that it will be any other way.

That is my opinion. Where are you drafting Jared Cook in your fantasy draft?