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More Observations From Titans Preseason Opener


Saturdays loss to the Seahawks was not the easiest game to watch, but here are some things I noticed after re-watching the game tape.

  • The offensive line is going to be a problem. We do not get any kind of push during run protection which leads to most runs being stopped in the backfield.
  • Matt Hasselbeck is no shoe in for the starting gig.As reliable as he is, Hass is a weak-armed, quick throwing QB who may not fit best in Palmers big play offense that requires a little patience to let routes develop.
  • Chris Johnson was impressive. Contrary to what my friend Jimmy said in his recap, Johnson showed some signs of improvement. He did not shy away from contact nor did he curl up when tackled. The biggest thing many need to remember is that Johnson has never been a guy to lower his shoulder and take on hits. He is a finesse running back, always has been.
  • While Johnson impressed me on the ground, his pass catching is extremely disappointing. For a guy who called for a mega contract for being a "playmaker", his hands seem to be made of bricks. This must be cleaned up soon.
  • Kendall Wright is gonna be big for this team. He does a great job of finding holes in the defense and getting open. He also brings energy to the offense, always popping up after a catch clapping and jawing off at the defense. You enjoy seeing such confidence from a rookie.
  • Jake Locker does not have an accuracy problem. I never understood this thought. He does not throw short passes like Tebow, nor does he consistently throw wild off target throws like Vince. A bad pass here and there are expected. He shows great zip and follow-through as well as the instinct to keep his eyes downfield while running, constantly looking for a open man.
  • Hawks gonna Hawk!
  • The offense played very vanilla on Saturday. Palmer showed very little creativity in the run game and kept everything extremely simple. Do not judge CJ or the play-calls this early. I also want to see more consistency from Darius Reynaud before I can look at his game as more than a preseason fluke.


  • D-line continues to struggle to bring pressure
  • Secondary looks to be improved. Not many wide open guys or TE's beating us across the middle
  • Karl Klug is a beast!
  • Colin Mcarthy is who we thought he is. A playmaker and the leader of this defense
  • Tommie Campbell may have the speed and technique to stay with receivers, but he has got to find way to break up passes, especially one-on-one jump balls
  • It's time we stop calling Derrick Morgan a starter.
  • Shaun Smith is more than likely done here.

Much like the offense. This defense was very simple. I did see a few blitzes but we maintained a pretty normal defensive set. One thing I did notice was Akeem Ayers given the freedom to run around pre-snap and fake blitzes. This may be an early sign of him hybrid role on this defense. Expect more creativity from both Palmer and Gray in Games 2-3.