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Titans vs. Seahawks: Three Things to Watch on Offense Review


On Saturday morning I posted three things to watch on offense for the Titans preseason opener against the Seahawks. Click through the jump for a review of how those three things played out in the game.

1. The quarterbacks, of course.

It was really an up and down night for both quarterbacks. Matt Hasselbeck was 5 of 9 for 45 yards and 2 interceptions. Jake Locker was 7 of 13 for 80 yards. It is not like Locker won the job with that performance, but he at least closed the gap according to Mike Munchak.

2. CJ2K or CJ2.5YPC?

It was actually CJ1.6YPC last night. Obviously judging off of one preseason game is silly, but Chris Johnson didn't look any better last night that he did last year. He also dropped a couple of very catchable passes. Hopefully he can get all of that straightened out before the opener.

3. How does Fernando Velasco look at center?

Velasco didn't really stand out either way. It isn't like there were large, gaping holes in the middle of the field that weren't there last year, but he also wasn't getting knocked into the backfield.