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Titans Preseason Hero: Darius Reynaud

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Darius Reynaud is going to be the topic of conversation for Titans fans over the next few days. Big props to Dan Ariks for mentioning Reynaud as a player to watch in this game when he joined us on MCM Radio last Tuesday night. His performance last night begs two questions:

1. Who is Darius Reynaud?

2. Does he have a chance of making the Titans final 53 man roster?

Follow us through the jump for the answer to both questions.

Reynaud is in his third NFL season out of West Virginia. He was with the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 and the New York Giants in 2010. He did not appear in a game last season. He was signed by the Titans in January.

Reynaud has a decent shot at making the roster, but he is going to have to beat out Jamie Harper because he they are not keeping four running backs. Harper has not been very impressive as a runner, so it will come down to who plays better on special teams. Reynaud proved he has some value in that department against the Seahawks.

He could also bring some value in the passing game. Notice in the photo above, for some reason there are no shots of him from last night's game in our editor, he is wearing #15. That means he was a receiver with the Giants. Chris Johnson showed once again last night that he cannot catch the football. Reynaud obviously can, and we saw last night what he can do with the football in his hands.