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Thoughts on the First Titans Preseason Game

I think the last time CJ jumped in Seattle, it was for 2,000 yards.
I think the last time CJ jumped in Seattle, it was for 2,000 yards.

And the game is over. Although we lost, I am really satisfied with the play of our Titans in the first preseason game. The first preseason game is simply a glorified scrimmage. My thoughts after the jump.

  • If this had been a Patriots game, we would not have had to wait for the Texans/Panthers game to finish. You could tell the NFLN guys were trying to compensate for a failure to give us what we wanted.
  • Colin McCarthy is a monster. He had some flubs early on, but those are easily forgettable after some really solid tackles and that beautiful McCarthy-style interception (which I manage to get in almost every game of Madden against my best friend with C-Mac).
  • Chris Johnson was very impressive... as long as the ball was handed to him. I like what Keith Bulluck was saying- CJ was just trying too hard to make plays, which resulted in drops. He just needs to take a deep breath and do his thing. He proved that he can get it done when handed to. Although we only had 21 rushing yards in the first half (which a lot of went to Ringer), you could see that CJ has the ability to make big plays in 2012.
  • Replacement refs need to be replaced.
  • The run defense was pretty bad. It needs improvement, which isn't impossible.
  • Karl Klug is a monster. A sack and a great tackle in the backfield. As one of our commentators pointed out (which as I stated earlier in the first half thread, I love having speaking for us), Klug added weight. I think he could and should be the starter. Bring Martin in on obvious running plays but let Klug play the other downs.
  • I'm happy with Locker's performance. I'm not extremely impressed with it, but I am not by any means disappointed. I'm happy that he's been looking downfield to make plays.
  • I'm not upset with Hasselbeck. His second interception was not an issue. It was a preseason throw. There wasn't much reason to not throw that pass. He shouldn't have done that though, since he IS fighting for his job.
  • Ryan Durand has a chance. He looked very good tonight.
  • Replacement refs suck.
  • Jared Cook looked very nice. Taylor Thompson did well until his fumble. But that can be fixed.
  • Javon Ringer is worth every penny he is making. I hope he goes and becomes a star for an NFC team when his contract runs up.
  • Zach Clayton is a great late round pick. I really, really hope he makes the roster and is used as a situational pass rusher.
  • Mariani looked great tonight. But on the flip-flop, Darius Reynaud was stunning. I think as long as they continue to have great games (unlike Yamon Figurs, who was the preseason opener of 2011's surprise player), they will both make the roster. I think that Jamie Harper will have to look over his shoulder. His spot is in trouble because I think that a fullback and/or Javon Ringer can do his job.
  • I really like Kamerion Wimbley. I really enjoyed his interview with Davenport. I think he could be my favorite Titan in 2012, when Colin isn't making picks and quarterbacks aren't picking grass out of their facemasks after KLUUUUGGGG.
  • Unlike our hero Keith Bulluck, I do actually like that all turnovers and touchdowns are being reviewed. It's nice to not have that drama.
  • I Believe in Rusty Smith. I always have, and I always will. Sorry, guys. PART of me wants him to start over Locker because of stubborn loyalty to a QB that I defended after an abysmal 3 interception game against the Texans.
  • Mike Martin is a man; nevertheless, please don't go for the tackle without your helmet. We really don't want you hurt.
  • Time of possession is still a problem; however, part of that was because of Darius Reynaud.
  • Will Baston is going to be one of the first people to receive the hammer from THOR.
  • Scott Solomon looked nice tonight; however, he was playing the scrubs. We have to remember that we traded to get him for a reason. As Cory said in the 4th quarter, he will probably lead us in sacks I the preseason because he is better than all of their scrubs.
  • Speaking of pass rushing- I loved it. We had a much nicer pass rush tonight. It reminds me of the early 2010 pass rush.
  • I'm glad we won't have to play Russell Wilson this season. Sadly we may have to see him in 2013 after our Super Bowl season.
  • 2012 could be a great season for the Titans. We just have to work on a few weak spots.