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Titans vs. Seahawks: Three Things to Watch on Defense

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While about 95% of the focus this offseason has been on things on the offensive side of the ball, the Titans still have a lot of unanswered questions on the defensive side of the ball. Here are three things to watch on the defensive side of the ball in tonight's game against the Seahawks:

1. How does Derrick Morgan look?

There has been a lot of talk about the defensive end rotation. The Jerry Gray wants us to believe that he is just playing guys to their strengths. That is why Pannel Egboh is playing on run downs and Morgan is playing on passing downs. While that might be the case, they didn't take Morgan in the first round to just play in passing situations.

2. Can Tommie Campbell lock down the third corner spot?

There is no doubt that Campbell is the leader for the third corner spot, but he hasn't won the job just yet. He should get extensive playing time on the outside in this one. It is just a shame we don't get to see him match-up against Terrell Owens.

3. Mike Martin.

I predict that Martin is your opening day starter next to Jurrell Casey at defensive tackle. Keep an eye on him tonight. He has been a disruptive force in practices so far.