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[Opinion] Kenny Britt is no longer worth the trouble

We've been face-palming for years Kenny
We've been face-palming for years Kenny

In my 13-14 years of watching this team, I feel like one thing I've began to understand is when it's time to cut ties with a player. Pacman wore out his stay and the Titans gave him the boot, Vince Young despite his wins and star potential just couldn't put it together, so the team dropped the hammer on that relationship, now we arrive at Kenny Britt who should be easier to cut than the previous two.

When you compare the situations, Britt should have been off the Titans before the start of last season. Pacman actually gave us some pretty consistent defensive play and was a special teams ace for a few seasons, meanwhile with Vince, you got the great rookie campaign, the playoff year, and the comeback season. So your return was fairly worth the wait. Meanwhile with Kenny, what have we seriously got from the guy that warrants so many chances? He gave us that pretty good game-winning catch against the Cardinals, although he gave Arizona the ball the previous possession on a fumble, and a few fun games. The thing is, Kenny really has been an inconsistent "brink-player" for a few years now. In case your wondering, "brink-player" is my name for guys who always are thought to breakout in the upcoming season, only to completely fail. He also is officially injury-prone. Why put up with a player who can't last an offseason without trouble or a season without injury?

As a man, Kenny Britt is not your typical NFL screw up. He's not getting caught up in drugs or kids or steroids. Kenny is in his own world at the moment. He is a young man making little kid mistakes. The moves he makes are head scratchers and add to the frustration because of there harmless nature. Driving drunk to a military check in? Posting a fine on instagram? These are moves a rookie player makes. See Justin Blackmon. But for a nfl veteran, it's unacceptable. I am definitely proud of Nate coming out and basically saying he's done being Britts defender. We don't need a guy like Nate worrying about Britt. He has bigger things to worry about. Like playing through injuries and getting over 1,000 yards receiving. Something Britt has yet to do.

Munchak has been quoted as saying the team is not considering cutting Britt but i think he should not let him back him into a corner. We have a team with great character and work ethic, lets not get dragged down by a guy just because he has a chance to breakout this season. We've been waiting for him to breakout since his rookie year and chances are we've seen his best football. We shouldn't have to keep worrying about Britt having his head on straight, Locker is already sorrounded with serious weapons.