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Nate Washington Is Done Advising Kenny Britt

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Nate Washington is not afraid to speak his mind. That is what leaders do. He was the first one to step up and say that the Tennessee Titans didn't need to add Randy Moss two years ago when Moss was cut by the Vikings.

He proved that he is a leader once again when he stepped up after practice yesterday and said that he is sick of Kenny Britt's antics. Every other player has danced around the question when asked, but Nate said this yesterday after practice according to our friend Danomite:

"It's getting to the point with Kenny where I try to stay away from the personal with him, if he comes and talks to me about it that's fine and dandy. I'll listen to him and try to give him all the advise I can but I'm not going to try and continue to dip into his personal issues. I hear one thing and try to defend another, I'm not going to try and do that."

"When you have your own grown life you are a grown man. There is only so much people can say to you and only so much people can do for you, you choose your own path. The things he decides to do on his own is not on me and not my decision, all I can do for him is be here if he wants to come talk."

Good for Nate. You better believe that guys like Steve McNair, Eddie George, Frank Wycheck, and Keith Bulluck would have spoken out if one of the guys on their team was doing stuff off the field that was going to get him suspended. This locker room has needed that guy for a while now. They will be a better team for it, and Britt might actually listen if people stop just telling him what he wants to hear all the time.