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Interview: Titans LB Tim Shaw on His "Dream It, Do It" Football Camp

I had the opportunity to interview Tim Shaw last week about his Dream It, Do It football camp that he puts on every summer. This year at his camp a kid raised his hand and said he wanted to be a sceintist.

After the jump is part of the interview I did with Shaw. I also asked him some Titans football questions, which will post later today, but I wanted to give this story a post of it's own because I really thought it was deserving of that.

Tell us about your camp:

I always wanted to do a camp back at my high school as a way to give back. It took me a few years in the NFL, but then I realized that you just got to do it. Now's the time. Your career is not going to last forever. I thought I had to be established on the team to get it done. At the time I was with Chicago and I just said we are going to do this thing.

Dream It, Do It was always my motto. I had in mind before I ever started the camp. It was what I brought myself up by. If you have a dream, how are you going to go out there and do it. So that was the motto of my camp. Whatever you want to do, you can do it. Half of the kids there are going to say they want to be football players, and they can do it if they want to do it. If you are doing all of the right things along the way, you are going to figure out the right thing for you. Most of those kids will end up realizing football isn't for them, but they can figure out what they want to do. That is where Dream It, Do It comes in.

This year was cool because I partnered with Farkas Eye Black and even cooler than that, I have been wearing Farkas Eye Black for two years in the NFL. They came along and brought the same attitude and energy that I have as far as going out and making happen whatever it is that you want to do. It has been cool to partner with them.

This year at my camp a kid raised his hand and said he wanted to be a scientist. Farkas stepped in and took him to a lab to help him achieve his dream. It was a cool example for the kids to go ahead and say whatever it is that you want to be. This kid was presented with an opportunity to go down to the lab, meet scientist and see what they do. He has already done it, and that is a great example for these kids.