MCM Put Your Name on It 2012

This is a (Herm Edwards inspired) idea I came up with a while back but hadn't got round to typing out for a while. Basically I want the MCM users to "put their name on it". After the jump I will make 10 predictions to questions about the titans/nfl in general in 2012. I will then copy the URL of this fanpost and save it in my signature. So during the season people can see my predictions from before the start of the season. It should be a fun way for people to brag about how right they were or get the mick taken out of them for being wrong. Hopefully this takes off and a lot of people put their opinions out on a limb, but if not I don't mind. I like expressing my opinions and will happily defend my predictions for the season. If others want to do this then I suggest just answering the questions and making a fanshot/post whichever is easier and saving those predictions in their sigs.

How many Games will the Titans win in 2012?
10 I think we will lose to the Patriots, Bears, Packers and Steelers. Then I see us going 4-2 in the division and picking up another loss in the other games. HANG ON A MINUTE SOMEONE CAN'T COUNT!!!! There is never an easy to call game in the NFL so I would amend that prediction to be that we will lose to 3 of those 4 mentioned above but we will lose to a random team that we should be beating. So overall its 10 wins. Just like this year we beat someone good like the ravens but lose to someone Rubbish like the Colts/Jags.

Who will be the starting QB week 17 of the regular season?
Matt Hasslebeck. Yeah I went there. I think he is going to play well enough to be our starter throughout the course of the season and will lead us to a 10 win season. Probably throwing for 4000 yards in the process. I think Matt when healthy was the best Titans QB I've seen (before I get a bunch of hate I only caught McNairs final season) then I had to deal with the others.... I honestly think our O line will be able to keep him upright the entire year and if they do that he can be a beast for us. Its not that I don't like Locker or doubt he is our future I just trust Hasslebeck.

Titans player who will overachieve in 2012?
Toughie because our team is so amazing its hard to overachieve..... Obviously some might consider what I said about Hasslebeck overachieving but I don't. I'll go with Tommie Campbell I don't think he'll set the world alight but he's a 7th round pick and I think he will be a solid outside corner for us when we are in the nickel. Being a good starter if not special is overachieving for a 7th rounder in my eyes.

Titans Player who will underachieve in 2012?
Jared Cook. I don't doubt his potential or anything like that. I just don't think he's a very good tight end. Two years running now he's been poor for the majority of the season and then put together a couple of monster games at the end of the season. To be honest that's worse than just sucking. He's inconsistent and that drives me insane. I'd rather have an average tight end than one who flashes brilliance but visits like Halle's Comet. You can argue he one of the best seasons ever by a tight end in franchise history but today's NFL makes all Franchise records pretty pointless. Especially for tight ends. I think we'll let him walk at the end of the season or franchise him. I think the front office don't like his inconsistency and won't pay him the sort of money he will get elsewhere. I wish he played as well as he can but he doesn't. He isn't a college basketball player who had never played tight end before he played end in college at what point do you say he just isn't going to be a tight end in the NFL. I wouldn't have a problem with him being a receiver outright but I don't see our FO doing that.

Which Titans rookie will have the biggest contribution in 2012?
Zach Brown. I think he'll get a lot of snaps for us and I don't buy that a teams leading tackler and a high school state wrestling champ can be allergic to contact. I saw a bit of his tape and thought what he did well was closing down space and it seemed that if he was falling off tackles it was more because he over-pursued the play and didn't set his feet properly before he tried to make the tackle. If you watch his tape you'll see what I mean. I saw his tape and was impressed because whilst he didn't always tackle the player him being there made the guy slow down enough for other team mates to come and stop him making a massive play. I thought he should have been praised for running across the field to impact a play others would have no right to because they don't have his athleticism.

Which Titans will make the Pro Bowl in 2012?
Hasslebeck, Britt and J-Mac. I think the media are going to be jumping on the Hasslebeck bandwagon, saying he has one last great season left in him. People love a story like that and I think the public will vote him into the Pro Bowl. I think Britt will score a lot of touchdowns making him a fantasy god, so he will be bound to get in. J-Mac gets in for me (and this is a random one) because I think in our primetime game he makes a pick and shuts someone down all game and plays like a boss in general. Having seen this the media/public give him more attention notice his badassery and he gets voted to the pro bowl.

Make one RANDOM prediction about the titans in 2012
Derrick Morgan will have 10+ sacks this year. Just a hunch of mine, I think he was very good his rookie year and he started to play much better when got healthy towards the end of the year. I think he'll be a very good player this year.

Who will win the AFC South in 2012?
Unpopular as it sounds, the Texans (fuck the texans). But seriously, I think they sweep us this year. They smashed us last year and almost beat us with a primarily backup team and they may have beaten us if had they decided to kick that PAT. No-one can predict OT. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. bleurgh.

Pick one surprise team to make the playoffs in 2012 from each conference (no teams with 9 wins this year)
In the AFC I'll take the Miami Dolphins and in the NFC I'll take the Arizona Cardinals. I think both teams have questions at QB which is never a good start but both teams got hot at the end of the season and I liked what I saw from their defences. Also I believe in John Skelton and Matt Moore. I don't care about the other guys. But I liked what I saw last year from them.

A random football related prediction (I couldn't think of a 10th and I didn't want 9 questions)
I couldn't think of much so I went for - With the 1st Pick of the 2013 draft the MINNESOTA VIKINGS select.... (the prediction is that they suck and will pick first not who they will pick)

Hope this catches on as there isn't a lot going on right now in the world of football and laughing at each others predictions could be fun. If not feel free to just laugh at mine!