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Fans at NFL Stadiums to Get Referee's Replay View

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While the NFL is far from hurting for attendance numbers, they seem to be aware that with all of the technology that is available for fans at home these days, some people would prefer to stay at home and watch the game over going to the stadium. The Titans have already taken strides to make the stadium experience more enjoyable with the new video boards. The boards at LP will be the second largest in the league behind the monstrosity at Jerry World in Dallas.

Now the NFL has announced that fans at the stadium will get to see the same views that the referee can see when he goes under the hood when a play is challenged.

In the past, most teams would only show the replay of a questionable call in the stadium if it was clear the home team was going to benefit from the replay. That will not be the case anymore.

Now if they can just figure out a way to make it where your cell phone can work while you are there....