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Tennessee Titans Tuesday Training Camp Recap


The Tennessee Titans were on the field in full pads for the first time today. It sounds like there was some good hitting going on with both Colin McCarthy and Steve Hutchinson getting gashes during the course of practice. Football is back.

In quarterback news, on the day where Michael Lombardi said that Jake Locker is the favorite to win the starting job, Matt Hasselbeck had the better day according to John Glennon. There is going to be a lot of back and forth in this thing before a starter is named.

In forgotten players that have big day news, Robert Johnson had the only interception of the day when he went up and took a ball away from Jared Cook thrown by Hasselbeck. This is the second time in as many days, Ryan Mouton yesterday, that one of the defensive backs that we have all but written off made a big play.

Of course the best news of all is that the Titans got through another day without suffering a serious injury. McCarthy, Hutchinson and Aaron Francisco all had to be seen by trainers, but none of their injuries will keep them out for long.

The Titans will take Wednesday off before practicing under the lights at Baptist Sports Park on Thursday night.