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Matt Hasselbeck vs. Jake Locker Shouldn't Divide Us

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He came to unite, not divide.
He came to unite, not divide.

Kerry Collins vs. Vince Young was nearly the death of me and MCM. In fact, we had to create a page just for people to argue about that because we couldn't do anything else. People were so entrenched on both sides, and that was between two quarterbacks that weren't very good.

Now we have the opposite problem. The Titans have two quarterbacks that have the potential to be very good. There are a lot of people that are down on Matt Hasselbeck, but the man put up better numbers than anyone who didn't wear #9 has with this team. He also stepped in and led this team to a 9-7 record in a time of transition with no offseason.

So you can cheer for Jake Locker to win the job, I am, but that doesn't mean you should be furious if Hasselbeck ends up as the starter. The coaching staff has a long term plan for Locker, and they aren't going to throw him out there because he is ready.

I read somewhere the other day* that no quarterback has ever failed because he was held out too long, but plenty have failed because they were thrown out there before they were ready. That is important to keep in mind here.

So by all means, have your guy that you think should win the job, but please don't turn this into Vince Young vs. Kerry Collins all over again.

*I can't remember where I read that, so sorry for not giving the proper credit.