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Kendall Wright and the Waiting Game

Tonight the Titans have their first training camp practice that is open to the public, and there is no reason to believe that first-round pick Kendall Wright will be there. In fact, he is just one of two unsigned first round picks. The other one is Justin Blackmon. At least the Jaguars have an excuse for not having his deal done yet after his DUI.

Brian McIntyre says Wright shouldn't be considered a holdout:

These negotiations are always a two-way street, so neither player should be considered a "holdout". Wright's agent is merely trying to finagle as much guaranteed money as possible from the only contract Wright will ever be assured of. That's his job.

Wright's team is out there practicing while he and his agent holdout for more money. How is that not a holdout?

As I said last night, there is no reason for this deal not to get done. They are probably haggling over about 50% of the base salary in 2015. That number will probably amount to less than 1% of the salary cap that season. It is stupid for him to be missing these workouts over that.