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Tennessee Titans Training Camp Day 1 News and Notes

This is the only picture posted from today.
This is the only picture posted from today.

Reading through the various practice reports from all of the people linked in this post, it sounds like day 1 of Titans training camp was pretty uneventful. Today's practice was not open to the public, so that means that reporters were not allowed to tweet during practice. That usually minimizes the updates.

It does sound like a couple of the rookies, Zach Brown and Taylor Thompson, were very impressive. Both guys are really fast, and it is good to see the Titans really put an emphasis on team speed. I can't wait to see both of those guys in the preseason. Brown apparently caught Chris Johnson from behind on one play. Here is what Mike Munchak had to say about that play:

You underestimate the linebacker when they run down a running back, nobody expects a running back to get caught, but I’m sure he had a good angle on him, but that is what he has brought to the team. He can take away a big play from the offense and he can cover. That is the fit we saw in him and we will find out if that works when we go forward. That is how he will help this defense.

It also sounds like Marc Mariani had a good first day of practice. He is going to need a lot of good days in order to make this team.

Of course Mariani got more reps than normal because Kenny Britt is injured and Kendall Wright remains unsigned. This thing with Wright is really starting to get on my nerves. Both sides really need to get in a room and not come out until the deal is done. Having a holdout with the new CBA is ridiculous.

Tomorrow's practice is open to the public, so we will have an open thread here that will have the Twitter widget that updates in real time so you can see what is going on at practice.