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Mike Munchak on Kenny Britt's Recent Arrest

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As I mentioned earlier, a lot of Mike Munchak's pre-training camp press conference had to do with the recent arrest of Kenny Britt. Munchak did say that cutting Britt is not an option right now, but he sure sounded fed up with Britt getting into trouble. Here is part of what he had to say:

Of course, we talked with Kenny. He is aware that we are very disappointed in his involvement in this recent situation. The league has a policy in place that addresses player conduct. We’ve been in contact with the league. When any issue comes up, obviously the league is in contact with you immediately. So now we’re still gathering facts of exactly what did happen, what all the information is. With the league we’ll decide where we go from there. That’s kind of the position we’re in.

Britt is obviously too talented for the Titans to get rid of after the series of run ins he has had with the law, but at some point they will have to move on because they cannot count on him anymore. That is a bigger issue than some of the incidents he has gotten into.

Matt Hasselbeck said today in his time talking to the media that some guys don't get it until it is too late. I really, really hope that Britt isn't one of those guys.