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Notes From Mike Munchak's Press Conference

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Mike Munchak held his pre-training camp press conference today, and it went about as you would expect. He was asked a lot of questions about Kenny Britt. He was also asked about the Penn State situation and gave a fantastic answer.

Click through the jump for some notes from the presser.

  • You can tell that Munchak is a former offensive lineman because he talked about the first 10 days of camp being his favorite days of the season. No one but offensive lineman feel that way.
  • Munch said they are still gathering the details on Britt's latest arrest. He also said that there are a lot of things that go into deciding how he will be disciplined- meaning he is going to let the league take care of that. He did say that there has been no thought of releasing Britt.
  • He said that they will rotate players who are competing for starting spots in and out with the first team in different position drills. That will give them the best opportunity to see what each guy can he do. He specifically mentioned center as one of those spots.