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Play Fantasy Football with MCM

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As we have done the last few years, we are going to have an Official MCM Fantasy League on Yahoo! I have not decided yet on what the selection process will be, but I will come up with something. So this post is basically like gramsey's mock draft pick your team post is coming post- so stay tuned for that info.

I also might have the chance for a local sports bar to sponsor a live fantasy draft. For that league you will obviously have to be someone who is local and free on that date to attend the draft. Just something to keep in mind....

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and fantasy league families everywhere. In addition to the great drafting, trading, scoring and research that makes it the #1 free fantasy football game, this season also features a brand new mobile app and Pro Leagues, where you can compete for cash! Get ready for kickoff by signing up now!