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ATV Compares Jake Locker to Vince Young

ATV said what?!??!?
ATV said what?!??!?

Earlier today Alterraun Verner was doing an interview with Ross Tucker on Sirius Radio. Tucker asked ATV who Jake Locker reminded him of most, and Verner said Vince Young. Of course that set the internet into a flurry.

I am hesitant to speak for ATV, but my guess would be that he was not comparing them mentally. He was comparing them on the field, and that is not an insult to Locker. Vince had all of the tools to be a successful NFL quarterback. He just wasn't willing to put the work in.

That, my friends, is where Locker is different, and that is why his career will play out much differently than Vince's did- at least that is the hope.

I am very interested to see what Locker looks like as camp opens. Mike Keith made the point on the Midday 180 today that the quarterback battle will really be determined by how Locker plays in camp. The Titans know what they have in Hasselbeck. They just need to know if Locker is ready.