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SBN Ranks Titans 20th in Initial Power Rankings

20th? That's hilarious.
20th? That's hilarious.

All of the bloggers collaborated over the last couple of weeks to come up with some pre-training camp NFL power rankings. There was a Google spreadsheet where we all ranked the teams 1-32. I was one of the last bloggers to complete my rankings, and I knew before I opened the document that the Titans were going to be ranked too low.

SBN starts the Titans out 20th on the season. Again, I don't think anyone should rank them in the top 10, but they do deserve to be in the top half of the league.

Here was my commentary on the upcoming season:

As you can see from these rankings, most people are not very high on the Titans this year. While the schedule the Titans face looks tougher this season, there is no doubt they are going to be a better team. Both coordinators will be able to put in the whole gameplan this season. They weren't able to do that last year due to the lockout.

There are still some questions on defense, but this offense is going to be explosive. That is what it is all about in today's NFL.

It is going to be fun to watch the Titans rise up these rankings as the season goes along.