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Titans Flag Football: Who You Got?

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Winni and I have finished the process of drafting our flag football teams, and you now have the chance to vote for the winner. See our pitches for our teams and vote in the poll after the jump.

Winni's Team

Chris Johnson
Jared Cook
Jason McCourty
Damian Williams
Akeem Ayers
Alterraun Verner

Winni's pitch:

The pitch here is easy. My players are fast AND good at football. Offensively I have a lot of matchup problems. Chris Johnson and Jared Cook are going to win their individual battles consistently. Damian Williams is a good third option. Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner can help out as well. J-Mac and ATV also help me win the defensive battle. They are the best cover corners the Titans have. I think my defense can slow down Jimmy's offense just enough to give me the win. Jimmy will boast that his team is fast, which is great if we're holding a track and field day. My team is fast too. ATV has a 40 yard dash that is 0.10 seconds slower than Coty Sensabaugh's. Jason McCourty's is 0.01 seconds slower than Tommie Campbell's. The difference is that my players excel at football. To paraphrase alijeal, the gap in talent between my players and Jimmy's exceeds the small gap in speed. I'll take my team over Team Chris Henry all day.

Jimmy's Team

Kendall Wright
Nate Washington
Tommie Campbell
Zach Brown
Taylor Thompson
Coty Sensabaugh

Jimmy's Pitch

Well Pooh is right about one thing, my team is really, really fast. He says that we would win a track meet but not a football game, but the thing is, this is not an NFL football game. It is a flag football game where straight line speed is king- where the difference in a 40 time of .10 is actually a really big deal.

He says that CJ and Cook are going to win their match-ups consistently. I would contend that Campbell can lock down CJ and Thompson Zach Brown can lock down Cook, and my pass rush can actually contain Jake Locker. I will be sending Zach Brown and Taylor Thompson after the QB on every play. Locker won't be able to get the corner on either of those guys like he can on Ayers, who has to be rushing the passer for Winni because he sure can't cover anyone on my team.

Advantage: Jimmy

Cast your vote below.