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Silva: Drafting Chris Johnson in Fantasy Football Requires "Leap of Faith"

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There are a lot of fantasy football "experts' out there, but you have to do your homework when deciding where to get your advice. One of the guys that is really good is Evan Silva of RotoWorld, and you need to look no further than his column on the struggles of Chris Johnson last season to see why. That is a great write-up that deserves a read.

Silva does a great job of going through all of the reasons that CJ struggled last season. Here at MCM, I was too quick to blame the offensive line for his struggles. While they weren't good, Johnson has been successful behind a line that struggle in the past.

The conclusion that is drawn by Silva hits the nail on the head:
Like Randy Moss after he was traded out of Oakland, and even Michael Vick when he got out of prison, Johnson has plenty of juice left in his tank. His 2011 problems had to do with effort. I can say this with supreme confidence after witnessing nearly all of his games between last year's in-season observations and subsequent offseason reviews.....But I think that, because Johnson showed the frightening capacity to flip his own off-switch, drafting him for your fantasy football team this year requires a leap of faith.

CJ can decide how good he wants to be this season.

From a fantasy football perspective, he is a high risk with a potential for a high reward. As Silva points out, he is one of few guys left in the NFL that is on the field almost every play. That alone gives him good potential value, but that won't be the case for long if he doesn't show better effort than he did last season.

So where are you taking him in your fantasy draft?