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With the 12th and Final Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft....

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Winni boasts of how good his flag football team is going to be on defense. That is nice, but that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at the gas station. There is really no such thing as coverage in a flag football game.

This last pick was a tough one because there are really only two options left in my mind, Lavelle Hawkins and Coty Sensabaugh. There really isn't another player left that would really help me here.

The case for Lavelle Hawkins is an easy one. He is a shifty receiver who knows how to get open quickly underneath. That is very important in flag football.

The case for Sensabaugh is that he ran a 4.42 forty at the combine.

All of that being said, I would be a hypocrite if I didn't got with Sensabaugh here. I have been preaching the importance of speed from the beginning because that is what flag football is all about. With this pick, I have assembled the fastest flag football team in the history of the world. Winni has CJ, but the other six members of my team are faster than anyone else on his team.

Check out this line-up:

Kendall Wright
Nate Washington
Tommie Campbell
Zach Brown
Taylor Thompson
Coty Sensabaugh

Good look stopping that line-up.