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With the Eleventh Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

This pick completes my seven man team, and I'm quite pleased with the players I've landed. Jimmy chose Taylor Thompson with his most recent pick. I considered calling Thompson a poor man's Jared Cook but at this point even that's not a fair statement. As we've seen with the Cookie Monster, it takes a lot of time to pick up the nuances of the game and Thompson's set for a big learning curve. Still Thompson should be able to provide Jimmy's team with a bit more height and athleticism.

This pick was a no-brainer. Offensive options have been exhausted by both squads. In yet another attempt to stop Jimmy's high-powered offense, I looked for a proven, productive defensive player. I passed on defensive linemen and linebackers in favour of speed and athleticism once again.

This player should really help in pass defense and can play both ways for the team. We've seen him develop the past two years and the Titans are expecting even more growth from him this season.

By selecting Friend of the Blog Alterraun Verner with this selection I've nabbed the two best cover corners on the Titans. ATV and Jason McCourty match up well against Kendall Wright and Nate Washington. I considered the faster Coty Sensabaugh instead, but Verner's coverage skills were too great to pass on. ATV has underrated closing speed, even if he isn't known as a fast player. He also completes my defensive trio: ATV-Ayers-McCourty. That looks pretty solid to me.

Here's my final team:

Jake Locker
Chris Johnson
Jared Cook
Jason McCourty
Damian Williams
Akeem Ayers
Alterraun Verner