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Your Newest Tennessee Titan: Aaron Francisco

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The Titans announced on Friday that they had agreed to terms with safety Aaron Francisco. Of course the first thought that came to mind was SUPER BOWL!!!, but the second was, "Who?" I was listening to the Midday 180, a local radio show on 104.5 The Zone here in Nashville that Paul Kuharsky co-hosts, and he had some pretty good things to say about Francisco. If you are familiar with Kuharsky at all, you know that he does not give out praise unless it is deserved.

Francisco's last action in the league was with the Indianapolis Colts in 2010. He was a back-up who ended up seeing extensive action because of injuries. He finished the season with 59 tackles and 2 interceptions.

Francisco was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Arizona Cardinals in 2005. He spent four season with the Cardinals before signing with the Colts in 2009.

Francisco has a very good chance to make this team. While he is not going to beat out Jordan Babineaux or Michael Griffin for one of the safety spots, he will provide good depth and is said to be very good on special teams.