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SBN Ranks Titans Running Backs Tenth in NFL

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The Ryan Van Bibber rankings are rolling on. This time he ranked the running backs in the NFL. Chris Johnson and the Titans came in at #10. Here is what I said to RVB before he did his ranking:

It will be tempting to put the Titans low on this list because of the horrible year CJ had last year, but look for him to bounce back in 2012. We aren't ever going to see him go for 2,000 yards again, but he is motivated this season. He has been at all of the offseason workouts and has put on 8 pounds of muscle since last season ended. 2012 should see him return to one of the elite backs in the league.

This is a big season for CJ. It is the first time since his rookie year that most people don't expect that much out of him. It will be interesting to see how he performs in that situation.

We will never see anything like we saw in 2009 again, but I predict we see a pretty good increase in his yards per carry from last year. Look for him to put up numbers similar to what he did in his rookie season this year.