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Matt Hasselbeck on His Relationship with Jake Locker

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One of the most interesting things about the Titans quarterback battle is the fact that Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker are actually really good friends. It has been reported that the two knew each other before they ended up on the Titans together, but Hasselbeck told Rich Eisen this week on Eisen's podcast that Locker is even better than he expected:

"But he's a better kid than I've heard, he's a better thrower than I've heard, he's much smarter in the classroom than I would have expected for someone his age.

It is going to be fun to watch these two push each other in training camp. While I fully expect Hasselbeck to win the job, Locker is going to give him a run for his money. It is sure nice to be looking forward to a training camp battle featuring two quality quarterbacks instead of waiting for them to start whichever one stinks the least.