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Jared Cook Should Become Focal Point of Titans Offense

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With the ball in his hands, Cook is just as much of a passing threat as Britt without all the headaches.
With the ball in his hands, Cook is just as much of a passing threat as Britt without all the headaches.

Despite the arrest of Kenny Britt, the chances of him seeing the field at the start of the season were slim. One large realization the Titans and everyone need to come to terms with is that it is highly unlikely Britt will ever become the star he has the potential to be due to two reasons. Either Kenny will continue to make stupid mistakes or he will never be completely healthy.

So the question becomes, what is our next move? Despite my previous post questioning whether or not we expect too much from Jared Cook, we must rally around him and make him the focal point of this offense. Cook is the only passing target available to replace Britt with his combination of receiver speed and tight end size.

Of course it is everyone's belief that first round pick Kendall Wright was drafted to be our main passing threat behind Britt, and while he is certainly capable of doing so, Cook is better suited to fill that role. Sure he had the opportunity to be "the guy" last season and responded with a good, yet up-and-down, year, but this season the Titans must thrust him into the role full force. The team needs to look for him and give him more opportunities to make plays.

By using Jared Cook in the Alge Crumpler, Aaron Hernandez role, it will create lanes for Wright, Washington, Williams and Hawk to make plays. By the way, we still have a pretty good 2,000 yard rusher in our backfield.

Britts arrest is a huge disappointment, but it is certainly not the end of the world. Ruston Webster did a great job in the draft by picking up a receiver in case Britt has a slip, up and now we have a shot to have one of the most high-powered offenses in the AFC Britt or no Britt. If the team moves forward with complete confidence in Cook and tailors the gameplan for him to do more than just run a few crossing patterns, we may be able to rid ourselves of Britt and all of his headaches with no negative impact on the offense.

Eight days ago, I said we should hope Cook becomes as good as Frank Wychek. I know believe we must use him as if he's greater. Not as just a safety net, but a go-to receiver. If we do that and he produces, we may find ourselves yelling "Kenny Who" come September.