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With the Tenth Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft....

Football, tackle or flag, is a game of match-ups. I feel that so far my team has a pretty good advantage in most of the match-ups that they will find themselves in throughout the course of the game, and I feel that there are some match-ups that we can exploit.

The one guy left on this roster that presents match-up nightmares is Taylor Thompson, and he is who I am selecting with this pick. There are going to be a plethora of stories on Thompson as we go through training camp and the preseason. He is going to be one of the stars of August this year, but I have urged caution in getting overly excited about what he will be able to do on the field this season because he hasn't played tight end since high school.

However, when it comes to a flag football game, he will be able to tear it up from the first snap. He has the speed to get down the field, the size to go up and win jump balls, and the experience to help out rushing the passer when we are on defense. To be honest, I am shocked he lasted this long because he is made for just this type of game.