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Update on Kenny Britt Arrest: Tommie Campbell Not in the Car

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Paul Kuharsky tweeted this morning, and I mentioned in my story, that Tommie Campbell was with Kenny Britt when he was arrested for a DUI at Fort Campbell. Jim Wyatt has since tweeted that he talked to Campbell and he was not with Britt. Campbell told Wyatt that he has been in Pennsylvania with his kids since last Friday. Wyatt also said that Campbell called the Titans to let them know he wasn't there.

I don't know how much any of that matters, but it does make me feel a little bit better to know that Britt didn't have one of his teammates with him while he decided to be an idiot. Campbell will have enough to worry about coming up in training camp trying to win the third corner spot. He doesn't need to have any of this mess to worry about.

There is no doubt at this point that Roger Goodell is going to suspend Britt for at least four games. That actually might not be that big of a deal to the Titans because it seems like he is going to need the first month of the season to get his legs ready to go anyway. Can Goodell put a stipulation in there that Britt isn't suspended until he is healthy.

Campbell has since tweeted:

Titan Nation I'm in Pennsylvania with my kids and family. That's where I been since last Friday