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Golden Grillz: Episode 4

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TJ here for my fourth installment of Golden Grillz. In todays episode, we find our star running back reminding the world that not only is he a million dollar athlete, but also a philosophical genius.

U got all them questions and I know all them answers.VERTMUSIC

It would seem people have me mistaken for a fool. You see friends, behind the glamorous teeth, super fine hair and tasteful tattoos, there is a mind like no other. I am a doctor in my own right. I have a P.H.D. in swag. But seriously, I need to explain to the world the genius that is CJ2K or as my buddy Alterraun calls me, Professor Johnson. Why doIi have my cars lifted? To avoid running over the precious animals this great state has to offer. Why do I dress like a sidewalk entertainer? To make my teammates look better. There is a method to my madness folks. I must admit, I'm ashamed that so many of my peers have been looking at me in such a negative light. As the old saying goes. Never judge a cover....I mean don't buy a book before looking at the cover....Or..Forget it.

-Professor Johnson