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With the Ninth Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

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Jimmy is not the only one that's mastered coachspeak. I was quite pleased that he took Zach Brown yesterday so I'll trot out the company line of "I couldn't believe the guy I wanted fell to me." With the seventh pick I took Damian Williams, thinking that I would choose between the remaining defensive players for the next selection. Zach Brown really wasn't on my radar. Perhaps he'll be better at flag football than he is at contact football but Jared Cook is going to dominate him.

I considered going defensive end or corner at this spot. Alterraun Verner and Coty Sensabaugh were both on the board. Had Jimmy taken one with the previous selection, I would have scooped up the other happily. With both still left, I'm going to pass on them yet again. Verner is the better corner but Sensabaugh is the faster one. Maybe I'll take one with my last pick but I had bigger needs.

Getting pressure on the quarterback is important and all I had in that role was Cook. Kamerion Wimbley was hard to pass up but ultimately I think I've found a player more versatile to the team. This selection will help in the trenches and has enough speed to cover a bigger player if needed. Jerry Gray uses him all over the field so I know that he can be a multi-dimensional player for me.

Akeem Ayers is my favourite linebacker on the Titans. He has a unique blend of size and speed for an outside linebacker and I was thrilled to get him at this spot. On defense I can use Cook and Ayers as rushers to contain and sack Jake Locker. Ayers might not be as fast as Zach Brown but he's a far better football player. That is basically the same argument I had for McCourty over Campbell. All the players I've targeted are fast but I want them to be good at football too. Ayers can act as my defensive captain, taking charge of the team and taking whatever role is needed on a play.