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Is Zach Brown the Titans Impact Draft Pick?

We are all really excited to see what Kendall Wright will do in this offense. Mike Martin has been pegged as the guy who will make an immediate impact, but time and time again we see Zach Brown as the player selected as the impact pick from this draft class. Look at what Damond Talbot of Mocking the Draft had to say about him:

Brown is a freak athlete who is going to be a guy that comes in right away and contributes. He is a very smart kid, who understands the terminology of the defense. Brown was praised highly by former UNC coach Butch Davis, who has been said to say that he was a leader and reminded him of the old "U". That is a pretty impressive thing, coming from one of the best defensive minded coaches in both college and NFL. I can see Brown, coming in, and taking over. If Brown can stay healthy this kid is going to be great. He was the best player on the UNC defense last year, and it showed when you watched film. He was very rarely out of position and is not afraid to lay wood.

That is quite the opposite of what Mike Mayock had to say about him. There is no doubt that Brown is going to have every opportunity to win a job in camp. Here is to hoping he can take that and run with it.