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Titans Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray Approval Poll

I think we are all very excited to see what Jerry Gray will be able to do with a full offseason. He talked last year about wanting to use multiple fronts, but we never saw it. That was probably a function of only having enough time to teach the fundamentals of the defense. That should change this year.

We have talked a lot about that, and when Gramsey and I bowled with Akeem Ayers at the Mike Munchak event, we asked him how much different the defense was going to look. He said that it will be a lot different, and that he will spend more time with his hand on the ground than he did last season. I am very excited to see that.

Gray spent a lot of time with Gregg Williams early in his career. Don't be surprised to see a lot more blitzing this season.

Cast your vote in the poll below.

November 2011- 75%

December 2011- 90%

January 2012- 81%