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Titans GM Ruston Webster July Approval Poll


The calendar has turned to July, and that means training camp starts before the month is over. There are a few dead weeks here, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is a much better situation than last July.

This season I plan on posting approval polls for Ruston Webster, Mike Munchak, Chris Palmer and Jerry Gray on the first Monday of each month. I think it will be interesting to track the results.

Ruston Webster got an 86% approval rate in his first ever approval poll back in May. The biggest thing that Webster has done since then is sign Michael Griffin to a 5-year contract.

The biggest thing he hasn't done since then is sign Kendall Wright. While that probably isn't really an issue with the way the new rookie contracts are structured, it would be nice to see Wright signed sometime soon.

Cast your vote in the poll below.