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With the 8th Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft....

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While flag football is pretty much all about the offense, it is important to have a couple of guys that can chase the quarterback out of the pocket. If you give Jake Locker all day to stand back there and throw, eventually he is going to find somebody that is open.

That is why this pick was a no-brainer for me. It has to be Zach Brown. Not only can he get after the quarterback, but he can match up with Jared Cook in coverage and make some plays on offense. It would actually be pretty fun to watch Cook and Brown match up in a situation like this.

Brown would also be an asset in the red zone for my team. He stands at almost 6'1 and he posted a vertical leap of 33 inches at the combine. If Locker gets in trouble, he can just throw it up there for Brown to make a play.

I really wish we had Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock breaking down this draft. Mayock is the one who famously said that Brown is allergic to contact. Good thing we are just pulling flags in this game....

He's got whatever it make him successful as a flag football player- get it?