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With the Seventh Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

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I was crossing my fingers Jimmy would pass on Campbell with the sixth pick but was out of luck. I don't consider it a huge loss. Campbell can run really fast. Oh, and he can intercept a football if the quarterback throws it directly at him and there's no one nearby. I'll make sure to scrap that play from the book.

As usual there were a few candidates for this pick. I went back and forth on what side of the ball the pick should go to, settling on offense. McCourty's my only defensive player so far but I'm an offensive guy and really want to create an explosive offense. There are also a ton of great defensive options left so I'm in no hurry to select from that side of the ball.

The pick here was made for how he fits into my offensive design. With CJ, Cook and McCourty as receiving options, I had no one comfortable playing out wide. Maybe that's not as big a deal in flag football, but I'd rather have someone used to working out there. This pick solves that issue. He's also my first true receiver so it fills a major need. As usual I've gone after a speed guy, though he's certainly not as fast as some of the previous selections.

Damian Williams is a divisive figure for Titans fans. He's flashed talent but consistency is an issue. At first I thought I should wait and take whoever was left between Williams and Hawkins, but I like the added size provided by Williams and he's just as shifty. Jimmy brought out a 20 second clip for Tommie Campbell. I'll see that and raise him a three minute video illustrating Williams' college work. How about a solid spin and run? No problem. Acrobatic layout on a deep ball? Check. I expect Williams to flourish in an offense with Locker's arm strength.