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Titans DT Karl Klug 15th on FO's Top 25 Prospects List

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Each year the folks at Football Outsiders release their top 25 prospects in the NFL. The Titans have players on the list in the past including Jacob Ford and Jared Cook. This year DT Karl Klug comes in at #15 (In$ider).

Click through the jump to see what they had to say about Klug.

We're not going to pretend that Klug, a 2011 fifth-round pick out of Iowa, isn't limited as a player. He's probably too undersized (275 pounds) to become an every-down defensive tackle in the NFL. And admittedly, his rookie total of seven sacks looks like a bit of a fluke, since it was only accompanied by three hits and three hurries. Looking through his sacks, several were garbage sacks after the ends did the real work or the quarterback held the ball too long. However, he also made a couple of great plays on stunts, and sometimes he just ran through guards both unknown (Seth Olsen) and famous (Carl Nicks). Plus, there are the plays you won't find in his sack total, like four passes batted away at the line, or the tackles of Donald Brown and Jason Snelling that forced no gain on second-and-1. Klug has great hands, leverage and a nice repertoire of rush moves, and he should be bringing the pain on Andrew Luck for the next few years.