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With the Sixth Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

Everyone has been dying for this draft to take a defensive turn, and now it has. I almost took Campbell with my last pick, but I had a feeling Winni would prefer Jason McCourty leaving Campbell on the table for this pick. That gamble paid off.

This pick is not for defense because defense doesn't really matter in a game that is going to be won by whichever team has the ball last. This pick is about the video you see above. Campbell takes that ball and he is gone. There isn't anyone on that field that can catch him, and there isn't anyone on Team Canada that can catch him. USA!

I still have my doubts that Campbell will develop into a good corner for the Titans. There is no doubt that he has the raw ability, but that doesn't necessarily guarantee success. What I am sure of is that there won't be a better athlete on the field in this game than Campbell, and the more athletic team is going to win this game. Advantage Old Man Morris.