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With the Fifth Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

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At this stage the draft strategies by the two managers may start to break away from each other. Jimmy went with the veteran Nate Washington with his second pick. One more receiver and he'll begin drawing Matt Millen comparisons. The selection of Washington means that the Titans' offense has been picked over. Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins and Taylor Thompson are decent options here, but I'm sticking with my mantra of attempting to land game changers early.

Fortunately I had my choice of defensive players. There's one player here that really stuck out. He was already mentioned a few times by MCMers with my earlier selection, and I did consider him with the third pick. I like that he can be a major contributor on both offense and defense.

Opting against a receiver in this spot is a gamble, but one I'm willing to take. Losing out on Williams or Hawkins at this point isn't a huge loss, particularly since this selection will be playing WR in my offense. Having my top defensive player on the board was just too great an opportunity to pass on.

By taking Cook third, I knew I had guaranteed myself either Nate Washington or Jason McCourty. I preferred McCourty and was fortunate to nab him here. He's not a shut down corner yet, but he's the most talented corner on the Titans roster. I placed more emphasis on McCourty's solid coverage skills than Tommie Campbell's straight-line speed. He was the best football player left on the board.

Both teams have tried to create explosive offenses and this is my first attempt to stop the Wright-Washington combination. McCourty will be glued to Wright all game; it's a matchup I expect him to win.