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Titans' Kenny Britt Has Another Knee Surgery

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So this is not good. Jim Wyatt announced on Twitter today that Kenny Britt recently had a surgery on his left knee. That is not the knee that he tore his ACL/MCL in last season. The surgery was called a "clean-out procedure" according to Wyatt, but there is no doubt that this is another setback. At this point I am highly skeptical that he will be ready to go when the season starts in September.

It is becoming clearer every day why the Titans targeted Kendall Wright in last April's draft. They knew the receiver group was not good enough with Britt out, and the smart move was to get insurance for him because he has yet to show that he can stay healthy for any length of time.

At this point, if he is only going to be a 75-80% when the season starts, I hope they go ahead and put him on the PUP list. That would give him some time to rehab without worrying about a roster spot, and without him pushing to get on the field before he is 100% ready.