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With the 4th Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft....

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We ready. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE
We ready. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-US PRESSWIRE

Jared Cook was a nice pick by The Blogger Formerly Known as (TBFKA) Winni, especially since the game is going to take place in the preseason. We all know that is when Cook does his best work.

I am going to continue with my strategy of drafting fast guy who know how to run routes and catch the football. The pick here is easy- Nate Washington. Winni said in his write-up about Cook that there is no difference in a flag football game between Washington, Damian Williams and Lavelle Hawkins. Click through the jump to find out why that is crazy.

First of all, the better receiver is the better receiver whether we are playing tackle, flag or powder puff football. To say that the skill between those three guys is even is like saying a steak from Applebee's is just as good as a steak from Outback- just saying it doesn't make it true.

Nate also understands how to get open. Flag football is an ad-lib game, and that is when Washington is at his best. He made his living in Pittsburgh getting open when Ben Rapeisberger broke contain. He will be Locker's first target when eluding the rush.