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With the Third Pick in the Titans Flag Football Draft...

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Yesterday was all about speed as both Jimmy and I looked to select the fastest Titans for our teams. Old Man Morris was able to stop talking about his football glory days long enough to draft Kendall Wright. I was really hoping he'd pass on Wright so I could draft him later. The good news is my team is already scaring Jimmy enough that he's altering his draft strategy. Let the chess match continue.

This pick was a lot more difficult to make. Wright was really my only primary target and I had to start looking at some second tier players. There was a lot to consider here. I desperately want a receiver but with Britt still somewhat injured, Nate Washington and Damian Williams were my options. Neither are really flashy players and I don't think either are game-changers at this point. For flag football I don't think there's a huge difference between Washington, Williams and even Hawkins. One will likely end up on my team, but not right now.

I wanted to look for a matchup nightmare. That's when it hit me. There's one player that's going to be extremely difficult to cover. He's got speed and height, and could help me out on the defensive side of the ball too. For years I've been saying how he always looks good in track events and practice but when in pads it's a different story.

Jared Cook will join Chris Johnson on the Winni-ng Team (okay, last time I use that, promise). Offensive coordinators daydream about players like Cook. With great height and solid speed, I can use him all over the field. As a receiver he's a big target for Locker and will let me stretch the field, freeing up room for CJ to roam underneath. He gives me a big body to use for blocking as well. Defensively he can blitz but also has the speed to play coverage.

I'm also hoping this pick creates some issues for Jimmy. There aren't a lot of players that can match up against Cook. If I can alter his draft strategy perhaps I can land the other player i want with the fifth pick.