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MCM Scavenger Hunt: Round Seven Result Post

Enter the Titans
Enter the Titans

The Results are in! It was a very successful scavenger hunt this week! Thank you all for participating. And because of this great participation, I reward MCM with the answers AND a post to discuss whatever you all want this evening. But before that, it's time for some answers! Follow me after the jump!

Tier One (1 point):

Which Titan was suspended in 2010 for juicing?

--Gerald McRath

How many current Titans have been selected to a Pro Bowl?

--Seven (CJ2K, Hasselbeck, Mariani, Hutchinson, Roos, Griffin, and Bironas)

Who is duslin?

--This one had many correct answers. He is an MCM member who has not returned since his infamous post about he nowz morez aboot futball then we duz.

Tier Two (3 points):

Which AFC North team did we have to cheer for in early 2012 in order for the Titans to make the playoffs?

--The Ratbirds

What other Nashville-based group is initialed as "MCM"?

--Many acceptable answers. I was not aware of all of the MCM groups. I was looking for Music City Mystique, which I was given. But I also received Music City Motorsport, Music City Mission, and others.

Who does have ranked as the 101st best fantasy player of 2012?

--Josh Freeman of the Buccaneers

Tier Three (5 points):

How did Rob Riggle allude to the Saints' bounty scandal during the ESPYs?

--He brought up how Brees needed a contract, but they might need financial help. He said that they could use a fund from players doing things on the field.

Which Texan did Jeff Fisher's new favorite running back get in a mini "fight" with in 2009?

--Bernard Pollard

Who asked the question after a football game "How about that ass whuppin'?"

--Byron Hout after getting the snot punched out by LeGarrette Blount

Tier Four (10 points):

According to Viacom, what is the end result when "DirecTV drops your favorite channels"?

--Cartman gets a satellite shoved up his a#$

Now, time for the RESULTS:

In fifth place is BuzzdLightyear with 21 points!

In fourth place, as a first time contestant, with 23 points, is XAGMNINETY!

In third place, with 27 points, is the former champion, GoTitansGo!

Now, for the runner-up. In second place, as a first time contestant, is wimpiam with 36 points!

The champion of round seven is the defending champ of round six, with a perfect score... Jason Jones!